Terms of service


Engineering.be is a service operated by Networking.be. The terms of service of Networking.be, which can be consulted here, are applicable on the products and services being offered though this website, extended with the extra terms defined hereafter. In case of contradiction between the terms of service of networking.be and the terms defined on this page, the terms defined on this page will supersede these of Networking.be.

Description of the service

The service embodies the placement en inclusion of job offerings (hereafter listings) in the search engine of the website. A listing will remain published for a defined period of time, unless the client decides to end the publication of the listing premature. The client has access to a control panel that allows him to create new listings, as wel as edit, extend, disable and delete already created listings of the client.


The website utilises a system of credits for the placement and extention of listings. The client can buy credits online. The price per credit depends on the amount of credits the client purchases at once. Purchased credits will remain valid for 1 year after the date of purchase, unless specified otherwise. On the expiration date, any non-used credits will become invalid and can no longer be used. Expired credits can't be refunded. When using credits, the system will automatically use the oldest credits first.

Refund of credits

Upon request, credits can be refunded on condition that they are still valid on the time of the request. The initial price paid will be re-calculated to the most favorable rate at the time of ordering based on the number of credits the client has actually used. If the initial price was indeed the most favorable price, the remaining credits will be refunded pro-rata. A € 35 administrative fee will be deducted from the amount that is credited;  

Illustrative example:

- Purchase of 10 credits for € 900. 6 used, refund of 4 credits:
- most favorable price for 6 credits was € 750 (5 credits + 1 credit), amount to be refunded: € 900 - € 750 - € 35 = € 135

Availablility of the service

Networking.be puts everything to work to make the service available at all times. In case of an unavailibility of 5% or higher during a calender month, Networking.be commits itself to reimbursing the client with 1 credit per listing that was active during the unavailability. The calculation of the unavailibility rate excludes unavailibility during the daily maintenance window (from 23h till 6h the day following) as well as any other maintenance windows that were anounced at least 1 week in advance.

Disclaimer of liability

The client is responsible for the content of the listings it places using the service. The client declares that he can invoke all rights and permissions to place the content through the service on the website, and on the affiliated external network. The client will safeguard Networking.be for any third party claims or damages regarding the content that was placed by the client.